Interactive Learning Group



About Us

Interactive Learning Group ( ILG ) prides itself on delivering authentic, interactive learning that produces results for our customers by engaging their learners so they learn through situational coursework.


Whether you're a Fortune 500 company looking for a product instructional video, a financial services organization needing to meet compliance learning requirements or a an academic institution looking to develop online subject courses to expand your online enrollment Interactive LG has the knowledge and experience delivering successful solutions to fit your needs.


Our Team

The team at ILG have deep knowledge and experience in working with customers to deliver learning that engages the learner to ensure that knowledge and know how is passed on from the learning experience and can be readily put to use.


Understanding the learning objectives, the ILG team translates them into interactive situational scenarios that learners can easily identify with to foster a successul learning experience.


Our course designers, project managers and developers work hand in hand with the customer to deliver one of kind courses at a cost effective price.


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