A Guided Tour of the Bible - Self Study Course Deluxe Combination Offer

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Have you ever wanted to read the Bible but thought you’d have a difficult time understanding it?  Do not be afraid:

Chaplain Fred Woodward is here to be your guide. Easy to follow  and with clear explanations, this course will enable students to study the books of the Bible and build a foundation of biblical comprehension.

A great course for those who do not know Jesus Christ and for those who want to deepen their relationship with Him.

This course is built around the book  Let Me Be your Guide  and consists of 23 video presentations, each following one of the chapters in the book and presented and narrated by the author, Chaplain Fred Woodward


This SKU includes a hard copy of Fred Woodward's book, Let Me Be Your Guide.  It also includes all of the video lectures from the course on a flash drive memory stick which can be played offline on most computers and many modern televisions.  This is great for family sharing time.

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